General evaluation meeting of Flow Forecast and Basin Optimization Model Project (ATHOM)

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The general evaluation meeting of the project for the Flow Forecast and Basin Optimization Model (ATHOM), which is developed for General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSI) by TÜBİTAK MAM Energy Institute Power Systems Information Technologies Group, was held with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forest, Mr. Akif ÖZKALDI.

The model developed with the project, which was signed in September 2016, is a system that forecasts the incoming water flow to the water structures and accordingly prepares the storage facility water budget that enables operation on a daily, monthly and annual basis. In this context, two types of flow forecast models have been developed. The first forecasts the input flows of the dams in the basin for a short-term (3-10 days) hourly resolution, while the second predicts the dam input flow at long-term (12-15 months) daily resolution. Using the short-term flow forecasts, the basin with cascade structure is operated for flood purposes, while long-term flow forecasts are used to generate energy-purpose operating curves. The created flow forecasts and operating curves by using flow forecast and basin optimization models are presented to system users through the Web-based application with Geographic Information System (GIS). At the end of the project, with this system developed, it is aimed that optimum control of water resources for irrigation and drinking water and not wasting water, the dams will be operated in such a way as to maximize the production of hydroelectric electricity, and the automatic system to be developed will be able to estimate the risks that may occur during the flood season. The project is planned to be completed in 2019.

In this meeting, the presentation on the latest situation in the ATHOM project was made to Mr. Akif ÖZKALDI, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, and the results of the project were also informed about the successful results achieved by the use of DSI. Deputy Minister Mr. Akif ÖZKALDI has found the successful results of the project very important and emphasized that the project should be applied to other basins and expanded throughout the country.


General evaluation meeting of Flow Forecast and Basin Optimization Model Project (ATHOM)