Chemical Process Technologies

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Chemical Process Technologies Research Group conducts studies aiming

  • To establish a broad R&D ecosystem both inside and outside the institution with an interdisciplinary working culture in close cooperation with industry and academia in order to make industrial processes greener and more sustainable,
  • To create added value in the industry, to use our chemistry, material and process technology expertise at the highest level and in the most efficient way in the entire production chain from raw materials to products,
  • To use advanced technologies for Defense Industry, in order to allow producing strategically important products with domestic means, and
  • To develop advanced material and chemical process technologies, with a proactive and agile R&D approach that follows universal research trends, especially in the field of sustainable chemistry.

Chemical Process Technologies (KPT) Research Group consists of three main teams:

  1. Organic Chemistry and Advanced Polymer Technologies Team;
  • To realize projects that develop original products and technologies in the field of high-performance polymer and resin systems, prepreg materials, selectively permeable membranes, thermal, electrically conductive polymers and photopolymers, and to develop production technologies of polymers, resin raw materials, and composite intermediate products with export restrictions
  • To develop functional molecule, homogeneous catalysis, pharmaceutical active ingredient and ligand production technologies and to carry out industrial application projects
  • To develop production technologies for critical hydraulic oils and structural adhesives and to carry out projects for establishing performance testing infrastructure
  1. Gas Separation and Purification Technologies Team
  • To carry out projects for developing adsorbent designs and adsorption processes, carbon dioxide capture processes and life support systems in the field of adsorption and separation technologies
  • To carry out projects for the development of nitrogen enrichment, greenhouse gas reduction, explosion prevention system and hollow fiber membrane production processes in the field of membrane separation processes
  • To develop production processes of hydrogen-burning catalysts, carbon monoxide catalysts, ozone converter and escape mask chemicals and catalysts in the field of catalyst separation technologies
  • To develop chemical and catalyst production technologies for self-rescuers, breathing apparatuses and oxygen candles, within the scope of oxygen generating systems
  • To develop adsorption-membrane hybrid systems for gas separation processes, to implement projects for the application of gas conditioning and gradual separation processes
  1. Industrial Chemistry Team
  • To carry out projects on basic engineering studies, process development and equipment determination, pilot plant installation and optimization, feasibility study and turnkey industrial plant installation
  • To develop the production technologies for chemicals with high added value, boron chemicals, rare earth elements, critical chemicals with export restrictions